CALYX Journal is published semi-annually in January and July. Subscribers receive 3 issues over 18 months for a one-volume subscription.

Single issues of CALYX Journal are $10.00 plus $4 US shipping and handling (outside the US, call or email for postage rate). A subscription for one volume saves 26% off the newstand price. A two-volume subscription saves 32% off newstand price!

NOW support CALYX in an all new way with CALYX combined subscriptions!



Combine any CALYX Journal Subscription with one CALYX book per year!


1 volume combined renewal: 3 issues + CALYX Book

2 volume combined renewal: 6 issues + CALYX Book $52
1 volume: 3 issues $23
2 volumes: 6 issues $41
low-income discount: 1 volume: 3 issues $19.50
library or institution: 1 volume $29



Canada and Mexico: $15 added per volume for postage

1 volume: 3 issues $38
2 volumes: 6 issues $71


International: $25 added per volume for postage

1 volume: 3 issues $48
2 consecutive volumes: 6 issues $91


Consider a gift subscription for a friend. CALYX will send a note with your message to the recipient. Simply select either a 1 or 2 volume subscription, and add the gift receipient's address information to the PayPal Ship to area, and add the message under the Instructions.

If you would prefer to subscribe offline, download this form:

Mail-in Subscription

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