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Maureen Buchanan Jones-- "Foundation" and "Self-defense" (Vol. 26.1)

Sherry Chandler-- "Rebecca Boone Weaves a New Eden" (Vol. 26.3)

Barbara Crooker-- "Weather Report" (Vol. 26.3)

Gretchen Dietz-- "Twelve Chocolate Pieces" (Vol. 26.1)

Kiala Givehand-- "Grandma's Almanac" (Vol. 26.3)

Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry--"The Reunion" (Vol. 25:3)

Constance Hanstedt-- "The Ice Fisherman" (Vol. 26.3)

Laura Hershey-- "Morning" and "LAX" (Vol. 26.1)

Christine Johnson-Duell-- "In Which My Daughter Chooses a Piece of Fruit" (Vol 26.3)

Rebecca Lauren-- "Asceticism" (Vol. 26.3)

Julie Moore-- "Intersection" (Vol. 26.1)

Connie Post--"Taking You Back to Your Group Home" (Vol. 25:2)

Lisa Rizzo-- "Stroke" (Vol. 26.1)

Barbara Kolada Scott--"Tough Love" and "Bounty" (Vol. 25:2)

Maureen Sherbondy--"Giving Zoloft to My Son" and "Calling the Dead" (Vol. 25:3)

Felicity Shoulders --"Ashes" (Vol. 25:2)

Tess Taylor--"Ohio Engagement" (Vol. 25:2)

Susan Thomas-- "Ode to Cappuccino" and "Haeckel's Law of Biogenetics" (Vol. 26.1)

Leslie What-- "Living Waters" (Vol. 25:2)

Marian Willmott-- "Countertop" (Vol. 26.3)



Nancy Azara-- "Two Red Spirals with Silver" and "Dawn/Light" (Vol. 26.1)

RoCa Rodriguez Calero-- "Preternatural" and "Virgen Maria" (Vol. 26.1)

Amy Guidry-- ""Adaptation" and "Freedom" (Vol 26.3)

Susan Jarvis--"Experts Unequivocally Agree," "Chattering at Playdates," and "Pretending to Fly" (Vol. 25:2)

Leah Kosh--Most recent CALYX publication: "Dreams as Yet Unborn" and "Chiaroscuro" (Vol. 25:3)

Margie Lee-- "Girl with Hat" and "Blue Dress" (Vol. 26.1)

Tricia Louvar--"The Poet," The Wallflower," and "Day 125" (Vol. 26.1)

Megan Pinch--"Return to Sender" and "Georgia's Mask" (Vol. 25:3)

Brenda Roper--"After the Party," "A Slip Through Time," and "Wet Nurse" (Vol. 25:2)

Nina Schuyler-- "Cancer Invasion" (Vol. 26.1)

Willa Schneberg-- "Varja/Dorje" and "Whisk" (Vol. 26.1)

Alejandra Vernon-- "Chopsticks" and "Pomegranates" (Vol. 26.1)

Christine Wuenschel-- "Self-Portrait #15" and "Self-Portrait #12" (Vol. 26.3)



KathleenAlcalá, author of Mrs. Vargas and the Dead Naturalist (1992)

Catherine Brady, author of The End of the Class War (2000)

Cass Dalglish, author of Humming the Blues (2008)

Cortney Davis, author of Details of Flesh (1997)

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, author of Black Candle: Poems about Women from India,Pakistan, and Bangladesh (1991)

Patricia Grossman, author of Four Figures in Time (1995)

Willa Schneberg, author of Storytelling in Cambodia (2006)

Charlotte Watson Sherman, author of Killing Color (1992)

Haunani-Kay Trask, author of Light in the Crevice Never Seen (1994)

Gail Tremblay, author of Indian Singing (1990)

Marianne Villanueva, author of Ginseng and Other Tales from Manila (1991)





















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