BookNotes: The Booklover’s Organizer

by Marilyn McDonald

Keep track of books the way you keep track of your best friends

A delightful “address book” for books, BookNotes offers address-book pages to jot down recommended titles, organize your library, and create your own personally annotated bibliography. Also included is a “Loan Notes” section to make sure the books you lend come back home to you, and a “Notes to Myself” section for your personal reflections. Or just enjoy the witty, incisive, timeless quotations from writers and readers through the ages.

As featured in Publishers Weekly and in Library Journal


“Come, my best friends, my best books, and lead me on.” – Abraham Cowley

Jackson Creek Press

Journals / Gift Books / Quotations, 160 pages

Paper: ISBN 0-943097-02-9   $12.95 + shipping and handling



by Debbie Berrow

Mother Goddess: reminds us that we can look to the Earth for inspiration about mothering our children and ourselves. Regardless of childhood experiences, all of us have the capacity to internalize a positive heart-centered mother image by looking to our beautiful planet for wisdom. Baby removable.

$22, plus shipping


Artemis Dreaming: Protector of wild animals, Diana sleeps with Wild Dog Mother, listens to her heartbeat, and is rocked by the rhythms of the moon.

$24, plus shipping


Birthing Goddess: Birthing Goddess is about beginnings. Childbirth, birthing ourselves, or moving forward into something new in your life. Great gift for midwives, or for giving a nudge to your creative self. Baby removable.

$24, plus shipping

Debbie Berrow and her husband, Reed, shape these powerful female images from clay in Creswell (OR). Each figure comes with a descriptive card and they range from 2" to 4" tall.


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