Color Documentary

by LuAnn Keener

This remarkable collection of poetry exquisitely investigates our relationships with the natural world—especially animals—while exploring the dominant role of humans and the endangerment of all life. Keener paints a world of light and mortality, a color documentary of the ties among all creatures.



“Here the personal and the political meet in a fine lyric intensity. Color Documentary is the debut of a poet who makes us believe in ‘the silk line of the voice.’” —Susan Ludvigson

“[Keener’s] strict attention applies equally to all creatures. [She] explores not only the blood tie among humans, but between the human and animal world’” —Maxine Kumin


LuAnn Keener’s work has been widely published, and she is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Irene Leach Poetry Prize, the Hackney Poetry Award, and the Chelsea Prize for Poetry. She teaches at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.