The Adventures of Mona Pinsky

by Harriet Ziskin

In this tale of adventure filled with magic and truth, sixty-five-year-old Mona Pinsky uncovers a plot of political manipulation and theft. She faces ridicule, anti-Semitism, and ageism as well as alienation from her daughter, but Mona refuses to be silenced. She uncovers the inner strength to stand by her convictions and to speak out on an enchanting and heroic journey.



“Harriet Ziskin’s The Adventures of Mona Pinsky is one of the best, most delicate and intriguing novels it has ever  been my privilege to read. Her blend of politics and mysticism is absolutely delicious.” —Judy Grahn

The Adventures of Mona Pinsky is crowded with authentic and singular characters – living and otherwise. I liked Uncle Gabe and the world of mythic spirits that fit so comfortably into Mona’s everyday world. Mona is an especially engaging character who has carved out, with her heroic reluctance and naïve flamboyance, a niche in my memory where she will always abide.” —M.K. Wren

“A sensitive, compelling, and instructive path through the minefield of ageism and anti-Semitism.” —Pam McAllister, Crazy Ladies Bookstore


Harriet Ziskin is inspired by people she met in her grassroots work “who were raised to believe that they had no right to speak out against injustice and who positively glowed when they found the courage to do it.” She has worked as a freelance journalist and as an education and civil rights specialist.