A Line of Cutting Women

Edited by Beverly McFarland, Margarita Donnelly, Micki Reaman, Teri Mae Rutledge, et al.

Spanning community, time, and place, A Line of Cutting Women showcases 37 fiction discoveries celebrating the first 22 years of CALYX Journal. CALYX is known for finding diamonds in the rough and providing a forum for overlooked gems. In prose spanning community, time, and place, these writers reveal the relevance, excellence, and vibrance of women’s writing.



“What an extraordinary collection of worthwhile writing, brave in many cases, beautiful in almost all.” Grace Paley

“This impressive collection of first-rate short fiction is like a jeweler’s tray of tidy, brilliant gems. Fine literary talent—some well known, others who will become so—has been assembled in a cross-cultural range from Japanese to Jewish, Native American to Korean , Mexican to Mormon. Anyone who still doubts the existence of a multicultural ‘women’s culture’ will be forever changed by this book—and will have enjoyed a fine read in the bargain.” Robin Morgan

“A refreshing, rich, satisfying collection.... A great mix of voices including Jewish, Mormon, lesbian, Native American, African American, Asian and Mexican and styles ranging from the plain spoken to the magical/ mystical.” ForeWord


Beverly McFarland is CALYX’s Senior Editor; Margarita Donnelly is the Director; Micki Reaman was the Managing Editor; and Teri Mae Rutledge was the Promotions Coordinator. The CALYX Editorial Collective is the recipient of many honors, including the 1996 Oregon Governor’s Award for the Arts.