CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women

Winter/Spring , Vol. 29:3

with personal essay and art pieces from cofounding editor Meredith "Marni" Jenkins


Michal Leibowitz Yiscah asks a question about horses
Marty McConnell for the last dude who asked why I'm so angry
Risa Denenberg Street
Regina Marie

Ode to Peaches Christ

Sabrina Wise Last
Hollie Dugas The mortician said
Paulann Petersen In the Church of the Metamorphosis
Zeina Hashem Beck Umm Kulthum Speaks
Rosemary Ybarra-Garcia Lace and Faith
Elline Lipkin Catholic Boarding School, Six Years Old, 1943
Joan E. Bauer O Negative
Mary Salisbury Harvest
Cynthia White She said stop here
Carletta Carrington Wilson how far Calabar
Sheila Sondik Free App
Stephanie Coyne DeGhett Pondwanderer: An Elegy
  On the Lookout
Elizabeth Trotter Hair of the Dog
  Cigarette Elegy
Christina Clark The Train You Never Took in Harlingen, Texas (2007)
Willa Schneberg Again, I'm Going Through Rooms
Jessica Melilli-Hand Dissolve and Gather
Corinne Manning We Had No Rules
Alison Clement Rita the Lesbian
Doris Cheng Hellion
Tania Malik Badmash Company
Wendy Patrice Williams The Advantage
Kourtnie McKenzie At the Other End of the Ribbon
Marni Jenkins Woman
  Grandmother's Gloves #5
  Grandmother's Gloves #22
  Boticelli Revisited
  Trapped #4
  Trapped #13
  Pacific Sunset #6
  Pacific Sunset #7
  Motion Mysteries #1
  Motion Mysteries #4
  Everglades Escape #3
  Everglades Escape #5
  Cedar, Detail A

Cedar, Detail B

  Vermillion Cliffs
Brenna Crotty The Grand Piano Range by Sibyl James
Alicia Bublitz Lilith's Demons by Julie R. Enszer
Edith O Nuallain Miss Emily by Nuala O'Connor
Rebecca A. Spears Stay by Kathleen McGookey
Susan Clayton-Goldner Nice and Loud by Lois Rosen