CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women

Summer 2011, Vol. 26:3


Jacqueline Taylor                  "Marry Me

                                              Some More"

Dionisia Morales                  "The Language

                                              of Distance"

Eson Kim                              "Alfresco"

Amelia Boldaji                      "Skin"

Katherine Malmo                 "The Oxygenated



Mary Cuffe Perez                    "Hair"

Megan Baptista Geist            "Homemaking"

                                               "Elegy for a

                                               1962 Ford



Ruth Goring                            "Maternal


Janlori Goldman                     "No Matter How Hard"

Crystal Hadidian                    "We Do Not Throw Plates"

Kiala Givehand                       "Grandma’s Almanac"

E.I. Pruitt                                "Should’ve Been"

Bette Lynch Husted                "At Washington School"

Christine Johnson-Duell         "In Which My Daughter Chooses a Piece of Fruit"

                                               "(Broken) Sonnet for Melinda"

Ellen Savage                          "Wasp Nest"

Carol S. Westberg                  "Tyranny of Dreams"

Sarah A. Chavez                     "About Grandma’s Hands"

                                               "How Waitresses Walk Home"

                                               "She Came Home Crying Again"

Lisa Hammond                       "Eleven"

                                               "The Goddess Cleans Out Her Purse"

Rebecca Lauren                     "Asceticism"

Lois Rosen                             "First Communion"

Alexandra Allen                     "The Plasma Effect"

Verónica Reyes                     "Casitas: Bordered Home"

                                              "Morning Doors: The Sky Blew Open"

Kristin Laurel                         "It’s been a year since I left"

Amy Newday                         "I Can’t Sleep, So I Burn My Underpants"

Hannah Fries                         "Burlesque"

Claudia Cortese                    "Cut a Hole and Pull You Through"

                                              "White Noise"

                                              "She wants"

Shannon Amidon                   "Tenant"


Elana Bell                             "On a Hilltop at the Nassar Farm, Overlooking the

                                              Settlement of Neve Daniel

Sherry Chandler                    "Rebecca Boone Weaves a New Eden

Barbara Crooker                   "Weather Report

Marian Willmott                   "Counter Top

Faith Van De Putte               "For Margaret"

Patricia Hale                         "Transitional Landscape, March 2008"

Terry Godbey                        "Susan’s Eyes"

Sarah Wetzel                        "A Reflection Wavering"

Paula Finn                             "The Eyes"

Constance Hanstedt             "The Ice Fisherman"


Helen Klonaris                      "Angel and Me"

Crystal Wing                         "Ariadne Sees Dr. Frank"


Amy Guidry                            "Freedom"

Christine Wuenschel             "Self-Portrait #15"

                                              "Self-Portrait #12"

Marie Le Glatin Keis             "Plérin, Côtes-du-Nord, Brittany, France"

                                              "Plage en Bretagne (Beach in Brittany)"

                                              "San Pedro de Tlacolula, Oaxaca, Mexico"

                                              "Mercado de Tlacolula, Oaxaca, Mexico"

Alethea Norene                     "Number 3"

                                              "Remembering Domesticity"

RoByn Thompson                  "Back"


Kathline Carr                         "Three-falling-text, Sketches"

                                              "Three Birds"

Lu                                          "Alternatives to Dissociation"

                                              "Molester I"

                                              "Overwhelmed (Bird Speaks to Nest in Head)"


Julie R. Enszer                        The Best of It: New and Selected Poems by Kay Ryan

Mary Kaiser                           Handmade Love by Julie R. Enszer

Edythe Haendel Schwartz      Self-Portrait with Crayon by Allison Benis White

                                               Mapping the Sands by Geraldine Zetzel

Lauren E. Tyrrell                     Approaching Ice by Elizabeth Bradfield

Alyse Bensel                          Under Glass: The Girl with a Thousand Christmas Trees

                                               by Jen Hirt

Kristin Clapper Bergsman      A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My

                                               Kitchen by Molly Wizenberg

Julie R. Enszer                        Radiant Daughter by Patricia Grossman

Tara Menon                           The geometry of god by Uzma Aslam Khan