CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women

Summer 2010, Vol. 26:1


Robin Chapman                      "Yangtze Basin

                                               River Dolphin"

Susan Thomas                        "Ode to


                                               "Haeckel’s Law

                                               of Biogenetics"

Hope Slaughter                      "That Summer"

Michelle Brittan                     "I Go Back to

                                               May 1983"

Jill Rivera Greene                  "Transgression


Edythe Haendel Schwartz     "Help Wanted:

                                              Bra Fitter"

Patricia L. Scruggs                "Foundations"

Maureen Buchanan Jones    "Foundation"


Eileen R. Kinch                     "Lifeblood"

Laura Sobbott Ross               "Thistle"


Caitlin Doyle                         "Ocean City"

                                              "Eighth Grade"

                                              "The Doll Museum"

Julie L. Moore                       "Intersection"

Ann Floreen Niedringhaus    "Vigils"

Lorraine Mejia-Green            "Weight of White"

Lynne Burnett                       "After the Paper Folds Shut"


Laura Hershey                      "Morning"


Brigitte Goetze                     "Namaste"

                                             "What to Take"

Susan Lilley                          "Home Free"

                                             "The Barber of Dove Drive"

Lisa Rizzo                              "Stroke"

Susan Roney-O’Brien            "What I Told My Daughter When She Asked Why I

                                              Needed New Flatware for Christmas"


Kathy Leonard Czepiel          "Truth or Dare"

Marsha Koretzky                   "We Once Were Slaves"


Anna Belle Kaufman             "Things That Went Bump in the Night"

Amanda Leskovac                 "Where to Put a Period"

Gretchen Dietz                      "Twelve Chocolate Pieces"


Nina Schuyler                        "Cancer Invasion"

Margie Lee                            "Girl with Hat"

                                              "Blue Dress"

Kate McCauley                      "Inward"


Rodriguez Calero                  "La Madonna Negra" (cover)


                                              "Virgen Maria"

Nancy Azara                          "Two Red Spirals with Silver"

                                              "Dawn Light"

Alejandra Vernon                  "Chopsticks"


Willa Schneberg                    "Viajra"


Tricia Louvar                         "The Poet"

                                              "The Wallflower"

                                              "Day 124"