CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women

Summer 2006, Vol. 23:2




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   Cover Art: “Knight Figure 470” by Linda









Volume 23, Number 2

       Calyx Editors                    6            A Flowering of Women’s Voices


       Sara Yamasaki            13          Shakuhachi Song                    

           Rebecca Meredith      16          Airborne                                     

         D.R. Goodman             18          Love Sweet                                

           Susan Bockhoff           19          Adored                                        

                                           20         My Own Father                        

             Kathleen Boyle            34          Proof                                             

          Madelyn Garner         36          Alzheimer’s                               

                                           37          Spring Lament                         

        Alice Lesnick                 38          Praise for Time                           

          Susan B. Cowger         65          Groceries                                    

    Ellen Goldberg            71          Anniversary of Rain              

         Siobhan Brannigan     72          Haystacks at Dusk                    

                                                          74          Grace would practice three times a day 

         Catherine Alber          84          Decomposing                            

                                              86          Spring                                          

   Angie Chuang              98          Directions to Phan Thiet      

                                         99          Talking About Death in Kabul

   Sarah Getty                   100         Who Was That Masked Man? 

    Catherine Wiley          102         Skating on Lake Monona         


    Carrie Pomeroy          22          The Game of Grief                 

                             Jan Priddy           39         A Single Fact Can Spoil a Good Argument

      Sherryl Kleinman       66          A Fine Hen                                

 Andrea Saenz              75          A Candle for Chema             

     Jane Sandor                  88          Ingenting                                   


   Carol Radspreacher   49          Back to Drawing                    

Linda Stein                    50         Quiet Strength 472                

                                     51          Slow Curve 352                    

                                 52          Knight of Tomorrow 542  

                                   53          Summer Knight 541            

        Linda K. Sienkiewicz          54          Merrifield                                          

                                       55          Promises                                  

 Elizabeth Mackie        56          Archival Series #5                 

                                     57          Archival Series #19               

    Lauren Levato           58          Waiting to Arrive                   

                                          59          Field Book                                   

Elaine Forrest             60         Radiator with Step Stool       

                                         61          Stack of Books                           

      Laura Esckelson         62          Three Knots                               

                                         63          Underpass                                 

Kristi Holdgrafer        64          Adult                                   


            Judith H. Montgomery    103         What If Your Mother by Judith Arcana

    Barbara Crooker         104        Surgeonfish by Ingrid Wendt  

                     Toni Van Deusen        106       Birds Flying Through by Deborah Narin-    


          Sarah Seybold             107       Hurricane Sisters by Ginger Andrews

       Helen Ruggieri            109      Wherever I Wander by Judith Azrael


Sheila Golburgh Johnson       111        No Heaven by Alicia Suskin Ostriker 

Adrianne Kalfopoulou              112             Five Terraces by Ann Fisher-Wirth 

Penelope Scambly Schott       114           The Afflicted Girls by Nicole Cooley

               Angela B. Wade          115     Letters to Virginia Woolf by Lisa Williams