CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women

Summer 2004, Vol. 22:1





   Cover art: Watermelon (14"x11", mixed

   media) by Alejandro Vernon








Volume 22 Number 1


Penny Susan Rose   6  Dust                      

Cristina Peralejo   23   Manang             

Maeve Mullen Ellis   41   All Her Dreams      

          E. B. Vandiver  75   Sugar, Magic, Grace

                     Doris Lynch  88  The Denali Widows’ Club


A. F. Thomas  17  Oak Leaf     

Willa Schmidt   18   Late              

Mary Lou Sanelli    20   The Scent           

Ruth Irupé Sanabria   22   Papi’s Afro Pick      

 Andrea Potos  35  Christmas Eve

 Darlene D. Montonaro  36     The Alchemists        

 Alison Townsend    38   Yellow October    

                                           40   My Grandmother’s Roses

  Elizabeth Tibbetts   65   Easy to Believe     

                                      Susan Bockhoff    66   Teaching My Daughter to Sing Like       

                                 Ethel Merman

     Jo Doran   68   Punctuation

                     69   First Death

Shirley J. Brewer   70   Consolation       

Rose Marcel de Hermanas    71    Death: False Alarm           

Jean Petrolle  72   Death-Song

   Carla Baku   74   In Eva’s Eyes

         Maureen Eppstein    84  Another Story About Love

        A. F. Thomas  85  Elegy for a Suicide

                  Sarah Chan   86  The Retired Seamstress

     Joan Maiers   87   Moving Targets

Maureen A. Sherbondy  100  Invitation                       

Brook Hobson   101  Constance Joy   


Helen R. Klebesadel   49  Sacred Heart               

                50   Cycles     

           51 Cycles II

                 52  Tree of Life

                                                    53  Freedom Quilt: The Underground


Gloria Rodriguez Calero  54  JC Millennium                   

               55  Barrio Girls

      Liz Whitney Quisgard  56  Columns and Wall Hangings

      57  Folds

                        58 Classical Revival

                        59  Baroque Revival

               Barbara Rachko  60   Scene Fifteen: Living Room

                                            61  Truth Betrayed by Innocence

 Alejandro Vernon   62   The Fish                   

                63   Pears        

                       64  Morning Coffee


                            Elizabeth McLagan  104  Rising and Falling by Carolyn Reynolds 


                               Eleanor Berry 105  Go Where the Landshed Takes You

                            by Jane Glazer


                                    Ann B. Knox  107   Listening for Wings by Maxine Combs

          Margo Stever 108   Shards by Ann Holmes

                            Alice Ann Eberman   109  The Last Thing You Get to Know by Betty 

                      Davis Miller

                               Ingrid Wendt  111  The Making of a Matriot: Poetry and

                                                                      Prose 1991-2003 by Frances Payne Adler

                                   Rocío G. Davis 113  The Braided Tongue by Roshni Rustomji


                    115  Maxine Combs