CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women

Summer 2003, Vol. 21:2






   Cover Art: “Oregon Cave #4” by Marnie

   Jenkins (silver photo/airbrush, 16” x 20”)









Volume 21 Number 2


              Anna Balint 6 Gypsies on the Lawn

                 Smoky Trudeau 27 Good-bye, Emily Dickinson

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 49 Light Skin                              

Carmen Carrión 71 Primavera          

Elana Zaiman      85 Silence                 

                                   Chauna Craig   96  Pluma Piluma and the Utopian Turtle

                                                                       Top: A Bedtime Story for Women Writers


                                  Joanie DiMartino 16 Great-Aunt Josephine: Lost Photographs

 Diane Swan 17 Compost        

                             18 Elizabeth Park Pond

                          Joan Rudel 19 Short on Memories of Mother

Janine Kelley      20 Winter Stars         

                                22 Welfare at Christmas

Judith Grey 24 Under the Sun

                       Kate Gray 26 Another Sunset We Survive

Christine Stewart-Nuñez 64 Sestina of Restraint           

Susan Elbe 66 My Angel      

                                              68 On the Kenai Peninsula, 2 a.m.

                           Kate Aver Avraham 70 If You’re Already on the Road at 5 a.m.

Chelsea Rathburn 90 The Seed                  

Jocelyn Tinker Seagrave 91 Ants                                  

Kelly Terwilliger 92 The Swifts             

                              Melissa Crowe 94 I Watch Nature While Breastfeeding

               Cassie Premo Steele 95 Walking on the Backs of Whales


Karen Fitzgerald 33 Fountain            

                      34 Sparrow’s Eye

        35 Pearl

               Betty LaDuke     36 Maya Antezik Cooperative

                                          37 No Al Plan Puebla Panama

                      Susan Brown 38 Monument to New York City

                                               39 Wild Horses Couldn’t Stop Her

                                 Sarah Hauser 40 Lady with Four Dogs in Central Park

                     41 Howl-lelujah!

                                                                 42 George Sleeping in Sun, Panchito, Claude

                                      and Pablo II, Magellen

                                                           43 Mr. Tomrose & Misty, Harold & Ernst

                                                                Cross 34th St., Discussing the Future,

                              Baby & Ballerina

Meredith (Marnie) Jenkins 44  Seal Rock #3                        

                        45 Oregon Coast #4

 Susan Seubert    46 Chimeras: Hotel #2

                           47 Chimeras: Hotel #3

                  48 Alliumphobia


                         Ingrid Wendt 107 Keesha’s House by Helen Frost

                                      J. Gabriel Scala 109 Sails the Wind Left Behind by Alessandra


                  Lisa MB Simons 110 Finding Caruso by Kim Barnes

                                Constance Studer 112 I Knew a Woman: The Experience of the

                                                   Female Body by Cortney Davis

                            Elizabeth Webster 114 The Height and Depth of Everything by

                              Katherine Haake