CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women

Summer 2002, Vol. 20:3





   Cover Art: “Tug of War (West)” by Laura

   Ball (10’x4’, oil on two canvases)








Volume 20, Number 3


                    Janet Aalfs 6    Everything I Could Want

                                    8 Sewing the Torn Sleeves

 Elizabeth Bradfield 24 Endurance                  

 Toria Angelyn Clark 25 Duration                       

            Kay Grindland    26 Stories That Might Be True

 Corie Herman  27 Underneath         

  Suzanne Weiner 28 Swan                       

             Candace Stover 29 Ironing the Antimacassars

 Leigh Hancock 30 Rain on Snow        

                                                       32 Driving the River an Hour Behind You

 Jane Eklund     49 The Price of Apples

                                        50 Downstairs in Paula’s Studio

               Heather Hartley 52 Nudes in a New England Barn

  Alison Townsend 59 Persephone in America

                                                         62 Accepting the Flowers I Did Not Choose

        Rina Ferrarelli     73 Remembering Viola Liuzzo

Stephanie Farrow 74 The Civil War             

Jane Taylor 76 Cranes and Frogs

                   Judith Arcana   84 Sealed Birth Records Challenged

                  85 Great with Child

        Vicki Reitenauer 89 St. Joan of the Traffic Circle

                                              90 Mother Mary of the China Cabinet

Linda Parsons Marion  92 Wedding Poem                      


Teresa S. Mathes 9 Wings                

Jennifer D. Munro 54 Navel Attire        

         Cara Collins 64 Sex and the Bible

      Ellie Mering 77 How Thomas Is

Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum 86 Magnificat                         

Suzanne Kamata 93 You’re So Lucky 


Nan Weed 33 Surrender 

                                  34 Guardian of the Seed

                        35 Learning to Fly

Kim Knauer  36 Poppets       

     37 Slut

                               Colleen Kong Savage 38 Daughter’s Portrait from Echoing Women

                         39 The Three of Us

         Laura Ball 40 Blue Room Brawl

                                         41 Embroilment and a Bather

MJ Seltzer 42 Wish          

                      43 Personal Space

 Claire Edna Hurrey 44 Vermont April           

                           45 Cottonwood Thaw

Barbara Leventhal-Stern 46 Just a Little Bite                

                      47 Games We Play

               Michele Harris 48 What G-G-G-G’ma Told Me


                             Charlotte Stewart 105 The Scent of Water: New and Selected

                                        Poems by Ivy Dempsey

      Diane Westergaard 106 The Tiger Iris by Joan Swift

                                            Susan Kan 108 I Want This World by Margaret Szumowski

                              Judith Sornberger 110    Bones of a Very Fine Hand by Marjorie


                           Jill Mortell 111 Rough Music by Deborah Digges

           Margaret Szumowski   113 A Wound on Stone by Faye George

                       Lisa MB Simons 114 Hungry for the World by Kim Barnes

                        Lee Lawton  116 Peace at Heart by Barbara Drake

     Kathleen A. Kelly 117 Caucasia by Danzy Senna