CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women

Summer 2001, Vol. 20:1




  Collector's Edition, $25

   Cover Art: “Wishing Well” by Katherine

   Ace (36”x48”, alkyd/oil)









Volume 20, Number 1

Editors   6   Preface

Kathleen Alcalá   8  Introduction      


         Frances Payne Adler 9 The Voices Are Coming Up

                                                      10   A Call to Arms and Breast Cancer

                       Elizabeth McLagan  12  And the Eyes of the Blind Shall Be


    Betsy Johnson-Miller 14  The Liturgy of the Table

Janine H. Oshiro 15  Altar Living        

   Jane Bailey  16  You Know Her

                17  Ceasefire

Alice Derry  18  Anne           

Jasmine Donahaye  20 Reprieve                   

Cortney Davis  21 Nunca Tu Alma 

                           22 It Is August 24th 

       Ellen Bass  24  Apology to Anne

    Deborah Byrne 26  Farthest Thoughts

Marina Tsvetaeva  27 Insomnia                

                    Hazel Hall 49 Made of Crêpe de Chine

                      50 A Baby’s Dress

                        51  Maker of Songs

                        Ilze Klavina Mueller  52   Closeted Lesbian Infiltrates Latvian

                                Knitters’ Group

Belinda Kremer  54  My Super Bowl   

Anita Sullivan  55  Paradise          

                                         56  Mother and Son Negotiate

Lois Rosen 58  Provider      

              Judith Werner 60 Ethel Rosenberg and Me

Diane Lillian Averill  62  Shoplifter Hands        


                 Katherine Ace  33  Tea Party with Open Fruit

 Iggi Green  34    Birdie       

                                   Gail Tremblay  35  In Search for the Ultimate Roach Joke

                     Shelly Corbett 36  Occupying Himself with Her

Sheri Rice 37  Getaway  

 Jennifer Stabler Holland  38  Queen of Hearts               

Chi Meredith 39  Jade Vase      

 Manya Shapiro 40 Little Black Dress

         Betty LaDuke 41  Eritrea: War Harvest

  Monique Passicot   42  The Red Ribbon Mask

Angelita Surmon  43 Waiting                 

Annette Gurdjian  44  The Centaur          

                                      Jane Orleman  45  Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

Joanna Thomas 46 Palmistry             

      Claudia Cave 47 Blowen in the Wind

Kristina Kennedy Daniels   48  Painted Trillium                    


Diana Ma 63 Ghost Story

           Elaine Winer 78  Rainbows and Roses

 Tamara Musafia  87  Teeth                   

                                 M. Evelina Galang  91   Learning to Fight: On the Death of Lola

                           Lucia Alvarez

 Monique de Varennes 98  Cabeza                         

Susan Vreeland 110  Neptune’s Lung


                        Alice Ann Eberman 123  The Collected Poems of Hazel Hall

                                         edited by John Witte

             Susan Stinson  124   Reach by Janet E. Aalfs

                             Sandra Cookson  124  Feeling as a Foreign Language: The

                                                                 Good Strangeness of Poetry by Alice


                                        Marie Krohn 126  I Could Tell You Stories: Sojourns in the

                                                            Land of Memory by Patricia Hampl

                               Marianna Wright  128  Girl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan Vreeland