CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women

Winter 2000/2001, Vol. 19:3





 Cover Art: “Eritrea: The Chickens, 1999” by 

 Betty LaDuke (50”x54”, acrylic)








Volume 19, Number 3


Irene O’Garden 6 Offered Images

           Mary F. C. Pratt 7 Coming Toward Home

                  Noelle Rydell   8 Inconceivable Conception

       Christine Beyer 9 Alone in Our Bodies

                       Anna Citrino 10 The Ruby Heart of the Hand

    Kelly Sterns 11 Kentucky Moon

          Kalehua Parrilla Kim  28 Ka Hale/The Nurturing Place

Maureen Corcoran 30 The Father Garden 

Kathryn Stripling Byer 32 Old                              

Elizabeth Carlson 60 All American Girls

                         62 An Atheist Prays

Kelley Conway 78 The Kiss            

                  Dulce María Loynaz  80 When We Go to the Sea/Cuando

                                Vayamos al Mar

                                          81 Waterplay/Juegos de Agua

                                                        82 Unexpected Honey/Miel Imprevista

           Janet Kenning 83 Poem About Education

Elizabeth McLagan 84 Reading the Names

Tracy May Adair 86 Take This            

María Luisa Arroyo 88 barreras                   

 Nancy Jean Hill 89 Beryllium Blunder

 Paulann Petersen 90 Lane Change          

 Cathy Lauden  102  Retracing          

 Nancy Frederiksen 104 Bobbie, 1945            

Rebecca Baggett 105 Salt                       

K. F. Hastings  106  Fairy Tales      

Diana Ma 120 Pennies     

                                           121 The Sister Who Went West

                 Jaimee Kuperman 122  The Music I Want You to See


                     Daniela Fischerová 12 My Conversations with Aunt Marie

                         Linda Maceri 49 What I Told the Highway Patrol

                Karelia Stetz  64 Getting Over Friday Night

                           Kathy J. Karlson 92 Eleanor Roosevelt and the Tornado

          Laura E. Miller 107 Let All Who Are Hungry


Louanne Watley 33 Evelyn                

          34 Evelyn

          35 Evelyn

          36 Evelyn

          37 Evelyn

 Jaye Alison Moscariello 38 Always By Me…She is     

                                                            39 Yes, Okay, If You Want to…or, What I

                     Didn’t Say

                 Sandra Beck 40 Two Possibilities in Love

                      41 Earth Dialogue

     Debra L. Hille  42 Family Tree (detail)

                43 Family Tree

Susan Planalp 44 Beach                

       45 Queen

Alma Loez 46 Diego           

                 47 December 12

                               48 Santa Niña de Mochis


                                      Pat Cason 123 Grace Paley’s Life Stories: A Literary

                                               Biography by Judith Arcana

                   Roberta Gordenstein 124 Sor Juana’s Second Dream by Alicia

                           Gaspar de Alba

                          Elaine Margolin 126 Room to Grow: Twenty-two Writers

                                                                  Encounter the Pleasures and Paradoxes

                                                            of Raising Young Children edited by

                                   Christina Baker Kline

                            Martha K. Davis 127 Southwestern Women: New Voices, A

                                                                    Collection of Poems & Short Stories. Vol. I.

                                           edited by Caitlin L. Gannon

                             Amy O’Loughlin 129 Her Mother’s Ashes 2: More Stories by

                                                               South Asian Women in Canada and the

                                                            United States edited by Nurjehan Aziz

        Susan Bassam Muaddi 131 The Map of Love by Ahdaf Soueif

                            Sandra Yannone 132 The Ladies from St. Petersburg by Nina


                                                          132 The Book of Happiness by Nina Berberova

                               Theresa Brown 134 Toddler Hunting & Other Stories by Kono