CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women

Summer 2000, Vol. 19:2





   Cover Art: “The Ways of Two” by Bobbie  

   Jansen (18”x24”, oil on canvas)








Volume 19, Number 2


Abigail Albrecht 7 The Weaver     

                             Sondra Gash 8 The Women Are Dyeing Indigo

               Judy Michaels  10 who can tell how a bowl

Hannah Stein 11 Remade       

                 12 Called Up

              Patricia Fargnoli 23 Story Told on the Solstice

              Sharilyn Smith 24 The Language of Wood

Susan Settlemyre Williams 25 My Mother’s Beauty          

Arlitia Jones 26 1873            

         Kathleen Aguero 35 Journey with My Sister

 Deborah Bacharach 36 The New Joke          

 Jill Greene 37 Sister         

 Judith Barrington 65 Blood                   

                   66 You There…

Patricia L. Scruggs 67 Alice Plans Ahead 

                Renée Gregorio 68 The Long Hill of Garrapata

Joan A. Monheit 70 Yahrzeit             

Susan Moon 72 Unintended  

   Samantha Allen Storey 74 My Brother’s Nightmares

                                      76 Museums of Stolen Skin

Kaia Sand 89 The City   

Michelle D. Seaman 90 girltown                    

Marjorie Agosín 99 Questions          

               100 Strangers

                                   102 Mi Acento/My Accent

     Beverly Burch  104 The White Mother

                                         105 It’s Your Body I Miss Now

                         Monza Naff 106 The Migraine Coloring Book

                                 Pat Cason 107 How a Cartoon Deals with Loss

Robin Boyd 108 Solo            


Madeleine Schulps 14 April 1945               

                   Marianne Villanueva 30 “The Decedent Is Initially Viewed


J. Alicia Shank 38 Black Belt        

                                         Susan Seubert 47 Ten Most Popular Places to Dump a Body

                                                 in the Columbia River Gorge

Sue Pace 77 The Rash  

           C. Lill Ahrens  92 The Laundry Quandary


                                 Susan Seubert 49 Crown Point and Benson State Park

                                                              50 Mile Marker 25 on the Columbia River

                                                        Gorge Highway and 1000 Acres

                                                              51 Corbett Boat Landing and NE 232nd &

                          Marine Drive

Bobbie Jansen 52 Empty Cage      

             53 Emerged

     Maysey Craddock 54 A Well Devoid Yet Full

         55 Tether

                         56 Drawn Measure

          Iggi Green 57 Good Citizen Kitty

                 58 The Groom

                                      59 Delilah & Pinkie (detail)

                  Joanna Thomas 60 Snookums (from Valentines)

                                      61 Honey (from Valentines)

Donna E. Dodson 62 Pegasus                

                 63 Heifer Head

                                  Nancy Azara  64 Passages: Blood Panel and Azara &

                               Barrington Hands


                             Aimee LaBrie 109 Body and Field by Terry Blackhawk

                                    Holly Hunt 110 Beautiful Obstacles by Diane Averill

                                 Kristin Becker  112 And Her Soul Out of Nothing by Olena

                         Kalytiak Davis

                                    Margaret Chula 113 Beyond/Within: A Collection of Rengay by

                                       Carol Conti-Entin, et al.

                 Rebecca Seiferle 115  Ordinary Words by Ruth Stone

                                                         117 Open Me Carefully: Emily Dickinson’s

                                                               Intimate Letters to Susan Huntington

                                                                   Dickinson edited by Ellen Louise Hart &

                                Martha Nell Smith

                                Marlene Lee 118 Anais Nin and the Remaking of Self:

                                                         Gender, Modernism, and Narrative

                                                         Identity by Diane Richard-Allerdyce

                      Eleanor J. Bader 119 Apples from the Desert by Savyon


                            Marianna Wright 121 How to Accommodate Men by Marilyn


                                Jo-Ann Reid 122 Tempest Rising by Diane McKinney-


                     Roberta Gordenstein 123 Doña Inés vs. Oblivion by Ana Teresa


                                  Bettina Heinz 125 Representing Women by Linda Nochlin

                            Eugenie G. Wheeler 127 Dutiful Daughters: Caring for Our Parents

                                                                as They Grow Old edited by Jean Gould

                                 Suzanne Kamata 128  Modern Girls, Shining Stars, The Skies of

                                                                   Tokyo: Five Japanese Women by Phyllis



              130  Susan Spady