CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women

Winter 1999/2000, Vol. 19:1





   Cover Art: “Belly” by Leslie Rech

   (clay, glaze, nylon, 18”x 20”x12”)








Volume 19, Number 1


Bonita Olson 6 Substantial  

Mariana Ruybalid 7 Body Electric       

Melissa S. Stein 24 Holding             

Edythe Haendel Schwartz 25      Apricot Crisp               

                              Marge Piercy 26 My Mother Gives Me Her Recipe

                                                                  28  Sins of Omission

Kelli Russell Agodon   29 Geography                  

                 31 Fifty Knots

  Jill McGrath 46 Baths in Iowa

                              Nancy Rainey 48 Choosing This Year’s Junior Miss

        Sylvia Bortin 79 Salt on My Hands

      Joan I. Siegel  80  Answer              

Andrea Potos  81  Counting      

                              82 Housework Prayer

 Nancy Dahlberg 86 We All Fall Down

                                87 Hens and Chickens

Pamela Uschuk 88 Brewing Borscht

          Dilruba Ahmed 90 Bangladeshi-American

           92 Secrets

Carolyn Flynn  105 To Fly               

 Marilyn Johnston 115 Returning from War

                                 Jeanne Emmons 117 To a Friend Who Does Not Answer My


                          120 Are You Washed?

                         Ann Struthers     122 Effie Harrelson’s Treasures, 1934


Diane Glazman 10 My Body             

Tricia Currans-Sheehan 32 The Knights of Columbus

Brenda Lee Buttner 65 The Town After         

Kathleen A. Rogers 83 Ironing Pillowcases  

Meera Nair 93 Summer        

Anna Balint 107 At Risk           


        Pacia Sallomi  49 Walking on Eggshells

         Jan Camp 50 Third Generations

                      51 Fidelity Is a Gift

Ginny Lee 52 White Barn 

                       53 Cornfield, Rt. 36

                     54 Glowing Hands

                                          55 Porch Swing, Late Afternoon

Catharina Marlowe 56  Peoria Road              

                                            57 Finley Wildlife Reserve, 1999

                                        58  Cloud Reflections, Holland

Susan Smolinski 59 The Blue Dream    

        Leslie Rech 60 Female Perversions

                             61 Mother Love (detail)

Sheri Rice 62 Time to Play 

        63 Traveler

           64 Cat Treats


                       Anne Doolittle  123 Four Testimonies by Kate Daniels

                                    Bonnie Blader 124 The Crack in Everything by Alicia Suskin 


                                  Sandra Yannone 126 Tales of the Lavender Menace: A Memoir

                                         of Liberation by Karla Jay

                                 Kathleen A. Kelly 128 Adiós, Barbie: Young Women Write About

                                                                    Body Image and Identity edited by Ophira        Edut

                             Diane Finley 130 A Whole New Ball Game: Women’s

                                                                    Literature on Women’s Sport edited by Joli



                132 Peggy J. Taylor